Prosumers: Self-generating renewable electricity

Our energy supply system is undergoing a rapid transformation towards decentralized energy plants using renewable sources. These plants generate electricity right where it will be used by consumers – be that in industrial enterprises, municipal facilities or residential buildings. In the new energy world, consumers are no longer dependent on a one-way relationship with suppliers. They are becoming energy producers themselves.

Commercial and industrial enterprises want to ensure that they can actively respond to the needs of the energy system, not just through self-generation but also when it comes to automating operations that consume large quantities of energy. If they are to capitalize on their energy and flexibility, both for their own benefit and to help ensure a sustainable energy system, they need to have the opportunity to interact with the system.

Direct marketing of self-generated solar power via new digital platforms will therefore gain critical importance. Digital technology is paving the way for the local exchange of energy from decentralized and renewable sources. Blockchain technology makes it possible for generators, consumers and prosumers to exchange data with one another directly. It is therefore an obvious choice for concluding power purchase agreements and tenant power agreements as well as for the direct marketing of solar power.

Smart Renewable Systems Conference