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With four parallel energy exhibitions, The smarter E Europe is the innovation hub for new energy solutions. It takes a comprehensive approach to the topics of the new energy world by presenting cross-sector energy solutions and technologies.

Thanks to two renowned and two new energy exhibitions, The smarter E Europe creates opportunities to address all the key areas along the value chain, making it the most important industry platform for the energy future.

The Global Energy Industry is Undergoing a Radical Transformation

Digitalization and decentralization are changing the face of the energy world for good. Renewable energy has become a crucial part of our energy supply system, with global investments in renewables surpassing those made in fossil energy sources for the first time in 2015.

If renewable energy is to compete against conventional sources of energy, it is not enough to simply improve how it is generated. Instead, the fields of generation, energy storage, distribution and consumption must be connected seamlessly and intelligently.

In order to give all these aspects the attention they deserve, in 2018 the organizers of Intersolar and ees have taken the logical step of combining all topics and events concerning the new energy world in one platform: The smarter E.

A Response to the Developments Taking Place in our Exhibiting Companies

The smarter E is also a response to the developments taking place in our exhibiting companies, which are relying increasingly on integrated and intelligently connected systems and services. The same can be said of our partners, conference attendees and visitors, whose requirements are changing as a result of digitalization.

In fact, with people organizing all areas of their lives digitally, consumers also require access to digital services in the energy sector. Together we share the common vision of creating a smart, sustainable and cost-effective friendly energy supply system. The smarter E Europe serves as a unique platform for achieving this goal and gives the new energy world a name.

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