Green Hydrogen, Fuell Cells and Power-to-Gas at ees Europe

Podcast Episodes on the Topic

Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm

How to break away from fossil fuels with hydrogen?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 88 | Language: German

April 14, 2022

Interview with Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm

Ove Petersen

How Can Germany Become Self-Sufficient in Renewable Energy?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 69 | Language: German

November 4, 2021

Interview with Ove Petersen, co-founder of GP JOULE and current CEO of the group

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

Green Hydrogen Manifesto: Europe as a Role Model for Hydrogen Introduction

The smarter E Podcast Episode 70 | Language: English

November 11, 2021

Interview with Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe

Fabian Jochem

Green Hydrogen as a Solution for a Reliable Power Supply?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 77 | Language: German

January 13, 2022

Interview with Fabian Jochem, Head of Strategy at SMA Sunbelt.

Josef Kallo

The Sky is the Limit – How Hydrogen will Power Aviation

The smarter E Podcast Episode 85 | Language: English

March 17, 2022

Interview with Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, CEO of H2Fly.

Christoph Stürmer

Who Is in Charge of E-Mobility?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 112 | Language: English

October 20, 2022

Interview with Christoph Stürmer, equity partner and leader of the automotive practice at Vindelici Advisors AG

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling

The Beginning of the Green Hydrogen Age – What Else Does It Need?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 114 | Language: German

November 10, 2022

Interview with Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling, Director Business Division Hydrogen Technologies at Fraunhofer ISE

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Start-up Story

“We Combine Different Revenue Streams”

Expert Interview

"This Could Happen Much Faster"

Expert Interview

“It Remains an Optimization Game”

Industry News

Hydrogen Monitor: Decision-Makers Want Hydrogen in Industry First

Industry News

Largest Grid Booster in the World

Expert Interview

"We Have Now Already Achieved Fossil Parity"

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UK Funds Storage Research and Development


"The coming years are crucial for Europe as a business location"


“We need to be careful that the current energy crisis does not cause fossil fuel lock-in effects”

Industry News

Salt Cavern as Hydrogen Storage

Industry News

The Öhringen Hydrogen Island

Industry News

Power-to-Gas Pays Off for Large Residential Buildings

Expert Interview

"Hydrogen should be used as a raw material in the first place".

Experten Interview

Meet the “who is who” of hydrogen at the Green Hydrogen Forum

Expert Interview

"Hydrogen Offers Maximum Flexibility for the Grid"

Industry News

Climate Neutral Container Terminal Powered by Hydrogen

Industry News

Effective Operation of Electrolyzers to Achieve Grid Stability

Expert Interview

Home Storage System from the Microinverter Specialist

Expert Interview

Modular system: Plug & Play Large-Scale Storage for Industry

Industry News

Hydrogen Power Plant for Domestic Use

Industry News

Heating, Cooking and Hot Water Only with Hydrogen

Expert Interviews

"Cogeneration Evolving Into the Backbone of a Decentralized, Integrated Energy System"

Expert Interview

„We need 'green molecules' for the energy transition“

Expert Interview

“The European Union Must Create a Leading Market”

Industry News

ENGIE Inaugurates Singapore Research Project

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