Exhibitor Service Manual

You will be able to order technical services and various services relating to your exhibition appearance via the Messe München Exhibitor Shop from February 2025.

The credentials will be sent automatically by e-mail to the main contact persons of the exhibiting companies.

Go to exhibitor shop of Messe München

Any queries in this regard can be made writing to shop-gv@messe-muenchen.de stating the company and booth number.

Set-up and Dismantling Times

Set-up times

  • Start of set-up period: Friday, May 2, 2025, 7am

  • End of set-up period: Tuesday, May 6, 2025, 6pm

Deviating set-up times Hall B0 (ees Europe) – special features for parts of ees Europe

  • Start of set-up period: Saturday, May 3, 2025, 7am

  • End of set-up period: Tuesday, May 6, 2025, 6pm

With the exception of the final set-up day, the exhibition halls are open from 7am–10pm during the set-up time. Booths which have not begun to be set up by 3pm on May 6, 2025, shall be set-up and decorated at the exhibitor’s expense, provided they are not used for other purposes. Please note that entry to the exhibition grounds on the last set-up day is only possible until 6pm. The exhibitor may not make any claims for compensation and shall still be required to meet all payment obligations arising from the booth rental agreement.

Additional set-up days

Requests for additional set-up days must be checked individually, are not possible in all halls and in any case are subject to a charge.

Early booth setup

Available on request: tas2@messe-muenchen.de

Dismantling times

  • Start of dismantling period: Friday, May 9, 2025, 5pm

  • End of dismantling period: Monday, May 12, 2025, 6pm

The exhibition halls will be open from 7am–10pm during the dismantling period, except on the first and last day of dismantling. Booths and booth space must be returned in an orderly condition. The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage to booth equipment, the walls, floors and grounds.

Deviating dismantling times Hall B0 (ees Europe) - Special features for parts of ees Europe:

  • Start of dismantling period: Friday, May 9, 2025, 5pm

  • End of dismantling period: Saturday, May 10, 2025, 6pm

Traffic guide

The traffic guide informs you about the vehicle admission times during set-up, time of exhibition and dismantling. As an exhibitor in hall B0, please use the traffic guide especially for hall B0. The downloads will be available from April 2025.

Booth construction

For inquiries about booth construction please feel free to contact MEPLAN GmbH:

Phone: +49 89 540 267 980
Email: info@meplan.de

You can contact MEPLAN directly for a booth construction offer.

Booth design

Both, the general and special terms of business of The smarter E Europe and the technical guidelines of the Munich Trade Fair Center, are valid for booth construction.

When designing the exhibition booths, booth perimeter walls to neighbouring booths are mandatory. Booths must be clearly demarcated from aisle areas.
Booth constructions over and above 3 meters height require special permission. At the boundary towards booth neighbours, a structural height of 6 meters (upper edge) may not be exceeded. Within the booth area, 2 meterse from the bounday towards booth neighbours, a structural height of 7.50 meters (upper edge) is accepted, but not possible at every booth location.

Advertising facing the neighbouring booth must be placed at a distance of 2 meters from the booth, with the exception of lighting trusses. On sides facing an aisle, at least 30 percent of the booth front must have an open design, and after a maximum of 6 meters there must be a passage at least 2 meters wide. For walls more than 6 meters wide, the written consent of the booth neighbour has to be obtained.

All back walls facing neighbour booths must be clean and neutral. Structural elements and fittings and equipment must be arranged within the limits of the booth in such a manner that neighbouring exhibitors are not thereby impaired.

Two-story booths require the prior approval of FWTM and, if applicable, the approval of the competent authorities.

Please submit your construction plan for approval by mail to:



Phone: +49 89 94921135

The deadline for the booth construction approval and the most of the technical orders is as a rule six weeks prior the start of official set-up. After this deadline orders of all services are still possible, though a surcharge will be raised for most of the orders.

Details on booth design can be found in the General terms and conditions of participation .

Further information concerning booth construction will be available with the Service Manual in January 2025.

Further information

We have already summarized the most important information sheets for you here. The service booklet will then be available to you in full from the end of January 2025.

General plan service facilities

Description of halls (incl. hall B0) and Outdoor Area

Technical guidelines

Notice Outdoor Area

The official forwarding agents of Messe München GmbH:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Messegelände, Tor 21
81829 München
Phone +49 89 94924300
Fax +49 89 94924339

Kühne-Nagel (AG Co.KG)
Messegelände, Tor 21
81829 München
Phone +49 89 94924400
Fax +49 89 94924409

Deliveries to the booth

All deliveries (paletts or single packages) for exhibitors must be addressed to:

Exhibitor name, hall, booth number
The smarter E Europe
81823 München

Please consider: Deliveries that exhibitors cannot accept themselves can be stored with a forwarding agency for a fee.

Notice truck driving ban on sundays and legal holidays

Notice Truck Driving Ban

Photography and filming permission

In general photography and filming are forbidden at The smarter E Europe. The instruction sheet can be found within the exhibitor shop of Messe München.

GEMA permit for music on an exhibition booth

For all types of musical and audio-visual reproduction, permission is required from the German Performing Rights Society (GEMA) in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act.

Please contact:

11506 Berlin

Any non-approved musical reproductions may be subject to claims for damages being asserted by GEMA (Section 97 of Copyright Act).

Hotel and event service

Our service partner is happy to help you to find a suitable hotel room for your employees. You can find all information for your hotel room booking here .

Outdoor Area

Technical data sheets

Outdoor Exhibition Area

Further information will be available by the end January 2025.

Booth construction

For inquiries about booth construction in the Outdoor Area, please feel free to contact Fairfellows GmbH. The website gives you a first impression of a possible booth design in the Outdoor Area.

Katharina Bischoff
Phone: +49 89 998 298 455
Fax: +49 89 998 298 459

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