Exhibition Segments

The smarter E offers exhibitors and visitors the entire spectrum of energy-related topics. The four exhibitions each have a clear industry focus. At the same time the connections between products and topics, which are so important in the energy sector, are well represented by the interplay of the exhibitions.

Intersolar Europe: Connecting Solar Business

The global PV market is booming. In many areas of Europe, photovoltaics is already the cheapest way to generate electricity. New players with innovations and business models are steadily pushing into the industry, opening up new markets such as Africa.

Intersolar Europe is the ideal platform where the solar industry’s leading suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and start-ups can present these global trends to international investors, project developers, system integrators and installers. Inverter technology is exhibiting a multitude of innovations, increasingly turning inverters into smart all-rounders.

Innovations in solar cells and PV modules are also on the rise. New technologies allow manufacturers to improve module quality while reducing costs. The market is also seeing new concepts gaining ground, such as floating PV modules, which are also being installed in Europe.

The innovations presented at Intersolar Europe reflect the enormous dynamism and diversity of the industry.

ees Europe: Innovating Energy Storage

The battery and energy storage industry is experiencing dynamic change. New players offering innovative battery technologies and energy storage systems of various sizes are entering the market. At the same time, future-oriented solutions for storing renewable energies such as hydrogenand power-to-gas technologies are taking center stage.

ees Europe is Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems and the right platform to connect suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of solar storage systems, commercial storagesystems and grid storage systems with project developers, systems integrators and professional users within the innovative energy industry.

ees Europe , which is part of The smarter E Europe, enables the storage industry to create an efficient and successful network with other sectors of the renewable, decentralized and digital energy industry.

Power2Drive Europe: Charging the Future of Mobility

From batteries to fuel cells to charging infrastructure and electric vehicles: e-mobility has many facets.

Power2Drive Europe is the international exhibition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility and the ideal stage for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and start-ups looking to develop new business models, explore technologies and present solutions.

Under the motto “Charging the Future of Mobility,” Power2Drive Europe puts the focus on clean transportation and charging solutions, illustrating the overall potential of a sustainable transportation sector and addressing the dynamic market of e-mobility for a successful transition to renewable energies in transportation.

Power2Drive Europe , which is part of The smarter E Europe, enables the e-mobility industry to create an efficient and successful network with other sectors of the renewable, decentralized and digital energy industry.

EM-Power Europe: Empowering Grids and Prosumers

So far, EM-Power Europe has focused on the smart use of energy in the building sector and in industry, i.e. behind the meter. Since 2021 it also covers smart grids and the integration of renewable energies as well as grid infrastructure and system services. Decentralized and renewable energy supply, smart building automation, energy management systems within microgrids, neighbourhoods and buildings as well as commercial and industrial energy services will remain an important part of the exhibition.

EM-Power Europe will thus become the international exhibition for energy management and integrated energy solutions. It will present businesses and the industry as a whole with products and solutions for a smart, sustainable and futureoriented energy supply and ways to achieve carbon-neutral businesses and neighborhoods.

In addition to professional energy customers and prosumers working in the commercial, industrial and real estate sectors as well as energy managers, planners and consultants, EM-Power Europe is therefore also geared toward public and private utility companies and municipalities.

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