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Dr. Stefan König

Dr. Stefan König
Job Title
Team Lead Data Science
sonnen GmbH

He and his team leverage the value of prediction-based decision making for sonnen’s products. They build predictions from historic measurement data, use them to assess the monetary value of the expected available flexibility and turn these insights into optimal control signals for sonnenBatteries and sonnenChargers. To achieve this goal, they combine a thorough scientific approach with state-of-the-art software development.

Stefan holds a PhD in Mathematics from Technische Universität München where his research was concerned with tackling the complexity of high-dimensional optimization problems like they arise in his daily work today. Before joining sonnen, Stefan and his colleagues at Blue Yonder were among the first to combine scientific algorithms with professional software development to take optimal, dynamic decisions for pricing and replenishment for retailers. Stefan joined sonnen in 2017 for being able to contribute to a successful energy transition by applying the power of scientific data processing to tackle the inherent fluctuations of renewable energies.