A strong trend toward electric mobility increases demand for private and public charging stations

Press Release – Wednesday, June 07, 2023

With a rise in electric car registrations, the demand for private and public charging stations is also increasing. In this regard, current survey results from EUPD Research show that more than two-thirds of homeowners regard private charging stations as (very) important when buying an electric car. Many energy suppliers are responding to this demand by offering public charging stations as well as installations of private charging solutions. Energy suppliers with a comprehensive portfolio of mobility products and services will be awarded the Energy Transition Award in the category ‘mobility’ during the prize ceremony on 15 June at 4 p.m. at The smarter E Europe, Europe's largest energy industry platform.

Bonn, 07.06.2023. Electric mobility is experiencing a significant boom, and with it the demand for private and public charging stations is growing. Many energy suppliers recognize this trend and offer their end customers a broad portfolio of mobility solutions, extending beyond public charging stations.

According to a recent EUPD Research survey of 501 homeowners in Germany, the majority of them would consider a private charging station when buying an electric car. Specifically, a private charging station is considered as “rather important” to “very important” by around 69 percent of respondents when buying an electric car. The option of charging the vehicle at home is perceived as a decisive advantage and a factor of convenience. The installation of a private charging station enables homeowners to charge their electric cars comfortably at home at any time, thus making them independent of public charging stations.

Nevertheless, public charging stations close to home are also considered as “rather important” to “very important” by around half of the surveyed homeowners. Especially for longer trips or when no private charging station is available, public charging stations are an essential infrastructure component. They enable electric car owners to charge their vehicles conveniently while on the move.

To meet the increasing demand for charging stations, many energy providers are already offering to install private charging stations for their customers. These charging stations can be adapted to the individual needs of the homeowners and allow for charging with high power and efficiency. By working with established manufacturers and installers, energy providers ensure a professional installation and reliable operation of the charging stations.

The survey results show that the expansion of the charging infrastructure is crucial to the success of electric mobility. Energy providers play an essential role by offering both private and public charging stations to their customers. These measures are making electric mobility attractive to more and more people, promoting the transition to more sustainable transport solutions. Energy suppliers that offer their end customers a broad portfolio in the field of electric mobility are key players in the transition to sustainable transport and are honored for their commitment with the Energy Transition Award in the category ‘mobility’.

Energiewende Award (Energy Transition Award) for Energy Suppliers
For the 7th time, the most innovative energy providers will be honoured with the Energiewende Award (Energy Transition Award) at the innovation platform The smarter E Europe, on June 15, 2023. The Award is addressed to highly engaged energy suppliers, who promote and accelerate the Energiewende (Energy Transition) in the DACH region. The project initiators are the DCTI Deutsches CleanTech Institut (German CleanTech Institute), The smarter E Europe and EUPD Research. The Energy Transition Award winners from previous years are also invited to this year's award ceremony.

For further information about the Energiewende Award, visit: www.energiewende-award.de . If you have any questions, please contact Saif Islam at +49 (0) 228 504 36-20 or islam@energiewende-award.de . For more information on the innovation platform "The smarter E Europe", please visit: www.thesmartere.de .

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