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Tuesday, September 7, 2021 | 11:00am –12:00am Uhr CET | Webinar Language: English

Many are hoping that the electrification of fleets will provide the long-awaited boost to electromobility. So it's no wonder that there are also a large number of government subsidies and tax breaks in this area. Hybrid vehicles in particular are becoming increasingly popular as company cars - but fully electric vehicles are also on the rise. If the company car is also to be charged at home, the question arises under what conditions the employer can provide the wallbox free of charge and how the charging current will be reimbursed. This applies all the more if you live in an apartment building or condominium. Our legal experts Dr. Karla Klasen and Dr. Alexander Dlouhy from Osborne Clarke as well as Markus Emmert from the Bundesverband eMobilität will explain these topics and be available to answer questions.

During the webinar, participants can submit questions that will be answered by the experts during the Q&A session. Following the webinar, all registered persons will receive access to the recording of the webinar as well as the presentations of the speakers.


Markus Emmert, Management Board and Head of Strategic Cooperations, German Federal Association for eMobility

Markus Emmert is a corporate, municipal and political consultant (energy, environment and electric mobility).
His focus is on a functioning SmartGrid (intelligent energy networks), affordable energy prices and the sensible use of energy through energy-efficient and intelligent measures and technologies. In the meantime, he advises corporations, companies from industry and business, politics, associations and municipalities as well as start-ups on their strategic orientation, product development and new business areas.


Dr. Karla Klasen, Lawyer, Osborne Clarke

Dr. Karla Klasen advises clients on energy law issues. She specializes in renewable energy projects, electromobility and legal issues concerning the digitalization of the energy industry.

She advises clients on the regulatory aspects of charging infrastructure and assists in drafting contracts with hardware suppliers and back-end providers. Karla is a member of the "Charging Infrastructure" working group at the German eMobility Association (BEM).

Dr. Alexander Dlouhy, Master of Laws, Head of the German Energy & Utilities sector group, Osborne Clarke

Dr. Alexander Dlouhy regularly advises on transactions, joint ventures, cooperations and projects with a focus on the energy sector and business models (e.g. software-based services, start-up investments, eMobility, contracting and tenant flow).

One focus of his work is on the regulatory aspects of projects and business models and the related energy supply contracts.
In the field of eMobility, he regularly advises operators of charging infrastructure and eMobility providers on the regulatory framework and the drafting of contracts, e.g. supply contracts and software as a service contracts (back-end).

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Joel Wenske, Project Leader, Power2Drive Europe, Solar Promotion GmbH

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