Are European Grids Smart Enough for the Future?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 | 11am–12pm CEST | Webinar Language: English

The European distribution grid stands before a historic transition driven by new technologies and strong political commitment to the decarbonizing the economy. Regulation and legislation, locally generated renewable energy, electric vehicles, increasing need to engage the customer, smart city and smart home - all these, and others which we may not yet fully anticipate, will change the role of the smart grid, from being a passive power distribution infrastructure to an active and agile broker of energy flows, with a growing need for flexibility in the grid. At the same time, as the smart grid becomes more intelligent, it is more and more being exposed to threat actors. Time may be running out for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to establish smart grid solutions that will grow with their business.

In this webinar, you will learn, what new challenges Distribution System Operators as well as utility companies are facing. It presents the tasks that need to be solved and discussed, if innovations in flexibility and involvement of consumers are enough to accomplish decarbonization.

During the webinar participants can submit their questions to get them answered by the experts in the live Q&A. In addition, both the recording and the speakers' presentations are made available to all registrants after the webinar.

Our Guests

Jon Wells, Chairman of the Technical Committee, OSGP Alliance

Jon Wells is the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the OSGP Alliance, the global non-profit association dedicated to promoting the adoption of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and infrastructure for smart grid applications towards a future proof modern smart grid.

Jon has 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, moving into the similar industry of smart grid afew years ago. Through this time, Jon was involved in helping telecommunications network operators align to the relevant O&M standards, including TeleManagement Forum (TMF) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). He is able to bring the experience of the telecommunications industry into the arena of smart grids, quickly drawing upon the parallels to assess opportunities for cost reduction, efficiency improvement and customer experience improvement through application of standards and use this to develop relevant and practical business cases for DSOs. Jon has held director roles in technical consulting, business consulting, and business development and is currently VP of Customer Solutions for Networked Energy Services.

Mark Ossel, Member of the Board, OSGP Alliance

Presentation title: "The Changing Role of the Smart Grid: From Passive Power Distribution Infrastructure to Active and Agile Broker of Energy Flows"

Mark B.M. Ossel (1955), is member of the board of OSGP Alliance. He is involved in AMR since 2001, when Echelon started with Enel (It) the world largest AMR project, and has been involved in most large scale deployments in Europe. Mark has a background of more than 20 years in various management functions in the ICT market (Burroughs/Unisys), before he became involved in energy management, smart metering and Smart Grids in 2001 at Echelon as VP EMEA. In 2015 Mark was selected as one of top 40 most influential people on the subject matter Smart Grid in Europe by Metering International.

Since 2014 Mark has been responsible for strategic alliances and partnerships at Networked Energy Services (NES) Corporation and he is currently focusing on developing and expanding the Energy and Utility market in his position as Sr Vice President of NES.
Mark is actively involved in international standardization efforts. Active member in ETSI, various IEC and CEN /CENELEC Technical committees (TC13,TC57), ESMIG and member European Commission Coordination Group – Smart Electricity Grid (CG SEG) and was actively involved in mandates M441 and M490.

Kirsten Glennung Sustainability and Projects Director, E.DSO

Kirsten Glennung has past 3 years been working the at E.DSO who represents the largest and leading DSOs in Europe. She joined E.DSO after gaining first-hand experience with both the European Commission’s DG energy as well as with the district heating sector.

She manages the E.DSO projects department which contributes to 6 European projects and 1 tender, as well as supports E.DSO members in their R&I efforts. As responsible for Sustainability she led the development of the E.DSO Sustainable grid charter, providing guidelines and best practices for sustainable DSO projects.

She is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School and College of Europe.

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