Dr. Ernesto Garnier, Einhundert Energie

The smarter E Europe – Start-up Stories

Start-up-interview: “Everything changed in 2019 and demand skyrocketed”

Einhundert Energie wants to help drive the energy transition with tenant power systems. The Cologne-based start-up plans, installs and operates PV systems, supplies the tenants on-site with electricity, and bills them for it. The company, which was founded in 2017, can even finance the solar…


ees Europe

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Competitive green hydrogen could be just around the corner

February 04, 2020 - As a complement to renewable energy generation, Power-to-X technology is crucial to the success of the energy transition. This process supplies carbonneutral fuel for power plants, vehicles, buildings and industry.


David Eitzinger, Berliner Energieinstitut

The smarter E Europe – Start-up Stories

Start-up interview: “It’s fascinating to discover how much energy is consumed and what for.”

Annett Keith and David Eitzinger founded Berliner Energieinstitut in 2016. When they were unable to find any suitable, easy-to-use equipment for the temporary metering of electricity flows, they decided to develop their own. In this interview, David Eitzinger explains how Emonio fills a gap in the…


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Charging at home by electric car owners and planners – a growth area for energy suppliers.

December 11, 2019 – A new EuPD Research analysis shows a significant relationship between owning or willingness to buy an electric car and a wallbox for charging at home. Thus, energy suppliers have an opportunity to position their electric mobility solutions to end consumers. The most innovative…


Ambibox Solarbuggy World Record Wirkungsgrad

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World record efficiency for solar DC charging of an electric vehicle

October 22, 2019 – Ambibox, a start-up based in the German city of Mainz, achieved more than 99 percent efficiency when charging a solar-powered vehicle developed by Bochum University of Applied Sciences. The company’s DC charging technology was employed in a research project in the Australian…