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Alexander Larios

 Alexander Larios
Job Title
Business Development Manager

- 2019 Global Business Development Manager: business development strategies, relations with suppliers and customers, marketing management, corporate communication & PR - Solartia (Spain)
- 2018 Commercial Director: business management with suppliers and customers, business development, public relations - Solar Sense (Honduras)
- 2017 Sales & Marketing Manager: international sales coordination, marketing strategy, training, support for supply chain management, business strategy - Ingemann Fine Cocoa (Nicaragua, Denmark, USA)
- 2015 Commercial Director: strategic planning and commercial management, logistics and operations, monitoring, business development, creation of a solar PV business unit, public relations, recruitment - Cuman Enterprise (Nicaragua)
- 2013 Operations Manager: implementation of an efficient service culture, coordination of facilities and maintenance, preparation of budgets and policies, inventory management - Cuman Enterprise (Nicaragua)