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Anna J. Carr

 Anna J. Carr
Scientist, PV Modules & Applications

 Anna Carr has spent more than 25 years working in Photovoltaics. After graduating with honours in Physics from Murdoch University in Western Australia she worked for five years in solar cell device research at the Australian National University Canberra. She received her PhD from Murdoch University on the topic of module monitoring and performance modelling in 2005. She has spent the last 12 years at ECN (now ECN.TNO) Solar Energy, starting in the area of cell process development with a focus on contacting n-type solar cells, and in industry consultation. Now working in the PV Module and Applications group, she focusses on annual yield performance and prediction of new module and system technologies, such as shade tolerant modules, floating PV and bifacial systems, and is leading the research programme of PV in Mobility at ECN.TNO.