Energiewende Award 2022: Growing small-scale photovoltaic market strengthens electric mobility expansion

Press release – Thursday, April 28, 2022

The markets for small-scale photovoltaic systems and electric cars are growing quickly. A recent EUPD Research analysis reveals how an acquisition of a solar system can foster the purchase of an e-car. The more a household engages with PV systems, the more important the investment in an own charging station for e-cars becomes. This is the result of an analysis in the context of this year's Energiewende Award for energy suppliers. The Award will be presented to the most innovative energy suppliers of the DACH region at the innovation platform „The smarter E Europe“ on May 12, 2022.

Bonn. Soaring energy prices, growing environmental awareness as well as the increasing electrification of heat and mobility drive photovoltaic installations. Following the record year 2021 with 1.6 GW of small-scale PV system up to 15 kWp, Bonn-based consulting company EUPD Research forecasts an increase of 1.8 GW in this segment for the current year. In 2022, 10-15 kWp systems are especially expected to grow, while installations between 5-10 kWp continue to stagnate. As in previous years, the relevance of the German small-scale segment continues to increase in 2022. In 2021, 30% of PV systems in Germany had a capacity up to 15 kWp; 2022 the share is anticipated to increase to 36%.

The booming small-scale PV market goes hand in hand with an increasing system size, which is reflected in the growing PV segment between 1-15 kWp. Increasing solar yields on private rooftops reveal the effect of a rising electrification of heat and mobility. In a recent survey, 500 owners of single- and two-family houses had been interviewed regarding their solar power consumption. This shows that about two-thirds of households cover or aim to cover their regular electricity consumption first. Almost every other interviewee views energy storage for solar power consumption or its distribution in their homes as essential. One-third and one-fourth of the survey participants plan to use self-generated solar power for heating and electric cars respectively.

The high importance of self-generated solar power for the transition to electric mobility is visible in the combination of investment plans for owning a PV system and the importance to own a private charging station for an electric vehicle. Owner of a photovoltaic system view a charging station for electric cars with 95% as important and very important. Households engaging more intensively with the option to acquire a solar system also attribute a higher importance to charging stations with 80 and 77% respectively. This percentage is reduced to 69% for home owners without PV system investment plans. This result confirms that PV system owners and planners deal intensively with the use of self-generated solar power; electric mobility seems to be regarded as an ideal consumer.

"In the context of strongly increasing energy prices, self-consumption based on clean and cheap solar power right off one's roof is becoming increasingly important for home owners. The investment in a PV system stimulates the purchase of electric cars", comments Dr. Martin Ammon, Managing Partner at EUPD Research.

Energiewende Award for energy supplier
The most innovative energy providers will be honored with the Energiewende Award for the 6th time at the innovation platform “The smarter E Europe“, taking place on May 12, 2022. The Award is addressed to highly engaged energy suppliers, who promote and accelerate the Energiewende (Energy Transition) in the DACH region. The project initiators are the DCTI Deutsches CleanTech Institut (German CleanTech Institute), The smarter E Europe and EUPD Research. Before this year's ceremony, previous Energiewende Award winners are invited to discuss opportunities and challenges of the energy transition with political representatives.

Further information about the Energiewende Award can be found at https://www.energiewende-award.de. In case of questions, please contact Saif Islam, at +49 (0) 228 97143-20 or islam@energiewende-award.de

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