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Mike Green

 Mike Green
Consultant and Owners Engineer
M.G. Lightning Electrical Engineering Ltd.

Mike Green owns and manages M.G. Lightning ltd, a consulting and design firm specializing in solar PV energy, based in Israel, serving primarily Israel, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. Mike was responsible for aiding the developers of the first utility grade PV plant in Israel in navigating the then newly developing regulatory and statutory atmosphere while ensuring efficient grid connection to regional MV distribution, since then Mike has aided similar developers in developing over 30 utility grade power plants in Israel, Romania and Africa and many net metering commercial rooftop installations, while developing maintenance protocols to ensure maximum system efficiency.
Mike has received 4 grants to date from governmental agencies in Israel and the European community for the developing of advanced monitoring algorithms for increasing system efficiency and yield prediction software to enable high penetration of PV solar energy into distribution grids.