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Klaus Ullrich

 Klaus Ullrich
Head of Sales Electrolysis
Sunfire GmbH

Klaus Ullrich is been active for about 15 years in the renewable energy segment with +6 years’ experience on fuel cells and electrolyser. With an University degree in Electro Engineering and Physics from Technical University of Ilmenau he had various technical roles from product to project management including new product introductions to the market. Throughout his career Klaus surrounded himself always with technology and products which can be seen as capital goods and with capabilities to either influence existing or even change market segments into the future by adapting new technology.
He shifted his work about 20 years ago towards the business side and had many international assignments giving him in addition foreign experiences and network beyond leading sales organizations and strategizing business developments on a global scale.
Klaus is now working as Head of Sales Electrolyser Products for Sunfire GmbH.