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Dirk Brockmeyer

 Dirk Brockmeyer
Sales and Marketing Director
TabTool GmbH

Dirk Brockmeyer is associate of TabTool GmbH, an independent software developer providing a cloud-based software for mobile documentation. TabTool is available as ready-to-use branche solution that can be extended for customer requirements, it is also possible to get a fully customized company solution.
After finishing his master degree in International Comparative Social Sciences at the University of Osnabrück in 2009 Dirk Brockmeyer started his career as sales representative in the financial sector in Hamburg. Since 2012 he has gained experience in IT project management, software testing and quality assurance while working for Airbus on projects enhancing aircraft documentation tools.
In 2014 Dirk Brockmeyer joined TabTool as an associate and the company started to develop the first version of TabTool PV, a tool designed to support the digitalization of operation and maintenance activities in the field. The first prototype of TabTool PV has been presented at the Intersolar exhibition in the same year. Since then TabTool has permanently enhanced the software to fulfill all it's customers requirements. Until today more than 1300 PV plants - from small roof plants to ground-installed PV plants with more than 1 MWp - have been inspected and managed with TabTool PV. The company is active in several sectors with its industry solutions and develops customized solutions of its cloud software.