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Christoph Brunner

 Christoph Brunner
Head of Department Industrial Processes and Energy Systems

Christoph Brunner studied process engineer at Graz University of Technology and worked first as a manger of a laboratory for physical and chemical tests in a tannery. After 10 years as department manager at Joanneum Research he built up the department “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems - IPE” at AEE INTEC in 2010. In his role as head of department he coordinated several projects e.g. the European projects EINSTEIN, Solarbrew, GREENFOODS and TrsutEE. The main topics of his work are the areas energy and resource efficiency, the integration of renewable energy for industry like solar process heat and membrane distillation for wastewater purification and process water upgrading. He was operating agent of the IEA SHC Task on “solar process heat”. Further he is involved in the Austrian and European work of Standardization for energy audits and he is working for UNIDO in field of energy efficiency for Industry. Parallel to his work at AEE INTEC he also gives lector at the University of Applied Science in Pinkafeld and Joanneum in Graz. He is coordinating the IEA SHC Network on “Solar energy in industrial water management” and is member of the board of the Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology Platform of the European Commission.