Conferences for the New Energy World

October 6–7, 2021

Want to get to know the rules of the new energy world? Meet the most important players in the energy industry? Or learn more about the moves being made in the international markets?

This fall The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 will take place at Messe München. This compact version of the event, which had originally been planned for July, will present everything you need to know about innovations, trends and products of the new energy world. With this newly scheduled event, we offer an innovative platform to all players in the energy industry – from start-ups to international market leaders.

At the Intersolar Europe and ees Europe Conference as well as the exhibition forums of Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe, you will learn all about the latest industry developments.

Conference Quick Facts for Intersolar Europe and ees Europe Conference


October 6–7, 2021

Opening Hours



CCN – Conference Center Nord München
Messe München
81823 Munich, Germany

Attendees & Speaker 300 expected (Intersolar Europe Conference, ees Europe Conference)

2 Conferences, 2 Forums

At the two conferences and two exhibition forums of The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 you can inform yourself about all facets of the new energy world and discuss with leading experts of the energy industry. Topics include for example the decentralization, digitalization and sector coupling of energy supply, technological trends in photovoltaics and energy storage, and the newest charging technologies for electric vehicles.

Intersolar Europe Conference

Find out today what wil be happening in solar tomorrow.

The trend is evident: solar is booming worldwide. The market dynamics are fast-paced, costs continue to tumble, and the entire sector is becoming more professional. What is the impact for the industry? Which entities are driving the trends? Which markets will be most relevant in the future? Which business models will succeed? What role do financing, digital transformation and innovative technologies play in making photovoltaics competitive? Find answers at the Intersolar Europe Conference.

Intersolar Europe Conference

ees Europe Conference

Work today to build the foundations for tomorrow.

Stationary energy storage is fast growing in importance at every point in the energy supply chain. Likewise, eMobility is gaining traction worldwide. The greater need for both is fuelling demand for storage facilities and grid connectivity.

Where are the most promising markets for stationary and mobile energy storage? Which financing schemes are being applied and what are viable innovative ways of funding? Which players are defining industry best practice with transferable business models? Which quality standards must be met and what is the role of energy storage in the perspective of sector coupling? What are the trends and innovations for hydrogen technology and power-to-gas?

Find answers at the ees Europe Conference.

ees Europe Conference

If your are interested in Green Hydrogen join us for the Green Hydrogen Conference, which takes place on July 20, 2021 as an online event.

Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021 Exhibition Forum

Full speed ahead for innovation eMobility.

Electric vehicles that run on solar or wind power are key to developing a new model of mobility worldwide that is both climate-friendly and sustainable. But for e-mobility to prevail, there is one imperative that stands out above all the rest: the need for charging infrastructure with full geographic coverage.

How is this infrastructure developing worldwide? Which markets are most promising? Which business and billing models are moving the industry forward? What are the regulatory frameworks and how can grid integration succeed?

Find answers at the Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021 Exhibition Forum. More information will be available soon.

EM-Power Europe Restart 2021 Exhibition Forum

Simply smart.

EM-Power Europe is more than just an exhibition. Accompanying its expansion to include smart grids and the integration of renewable energies, grid infrastructure and system services, EM-Power Europe Restart 2021 will feature an even more extensive exhibtion program. Renowned experts will shed light on the latest developments in these dynamic markets.

The program for the EM-Power Europe Restart 2021 Exhibition Forum will be available soon.