Our Measures for a Safe and Successful Exhibition

Health and Safety Concept

In addition to hygiene measures such as maintaining distance, higher cleaning frequencies and increased ventilation of the exhibition halls, the wearing of masks (medical or FFP2) and contact tracing are specifications for the event. The VCR concept will also apply during the event, means that only vaccinated, checked or recovered persons will have access to The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 exhibitions and conferences.

All current information on developments in connection with the Coronavirus, as well as leaflets and FAQs for various target groups can be found on the website of Messe München .

Access to the event site

To ensure full traceability of all participants during setup, the event and dismantling, all persons entering the premises must register.

Set-up and dismantling tickets

Ticket shop for visitors and press representatives

Exhibitor tickets and service partner tickets

During the event, access to the site is only possible with a valid VCR proof (Vaccinated, Checked, Recovered). This applies to you as an exhibitor, to your service providers and service partners and to every visitor. The VCR proof will be requested during online registration and can be uploaded directly. Afterwards your ticket be activated for access.

If you do not upload a proof, the ticket is initially blocked for access. Please either upload the proof later in the ticket shop or bring your proof in digital form (vaccination, recovered or test proof according to EU standard) and plan sufficient waiting time for the on-site check!

Please get tested before you come if you do not have a full vaccination protection yet! You can take a test at one of the many centers near your hotel, upon arrival at Munich Airport, or at one of the test centers in downtown Munich: Coronavirus rapid test in Munich - all sites and information .

Contact-tracing Procedure

During the exhibition, set-up and dismantling, all event participants who enter or drive onto the exhibition grounds must register via the ticket shop. The name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the registered persons and the times of their presence on the exhibition grounds will be recorded.

The data collected via the ticket shop will be used exclusively within the framework of the hygiene concept and, if contact tracing is required, will be forwarded to the relevant health authorities on request. The retention period for this is one month, after which the data will be deleted.

To ensure contact tracing on the exhibitors booth space, we provide each exhibitor with a Scan2Lead license from the company adventics GmbH.

There are two QR codes printed on all tickets and badges and are labeled accordingly: the TraceCode is used exclusively for tracing infection chains, with the TraceCode Business the exhibitor receives the data of your scanned ticket for marketing purposes. Exhibitors will ask you for your preference before your ticket is scanned.

At various points on the exhibition grounds, contact tracking will additionally take place via the Luca App. To avoid waiting times, it is best to download the Luca App before the event.

We look forward to seeing you again at The smarter E Europe Restart 2021!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

+49 761 3881-3700


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Accompanying Program

eCar Test Drive

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