The smarter E Europe Start-up Area

Sponsoring Start-up Area at The smarter E Europe 2020

€5,000 | Max. 5 sponsors

The energy world is in a state of change and new business models are in high demand. Such business models will be on display in the electrifying Start-up Area at The smarter E Europe. Sponsoring the Start-up Area will also ensure visibility for your company!


Your benefits:

On-site at the Start-up Area:

  • Logo display on the space
  • Speaking Slot in the Start-up Stage


  • Logo display with link to your website on the start-up landing page of The smarter E Europe
  • Logo and company profile (max. 290 characters, GER and ENG) with link to your website on sponsor section of the websites (URL provided by sponsor):
    - Intersolar Europe
    - ees Europe
    - Power2Drive Europe
    - EM-Power Europe
    - The smarter E Europe
  • 500 bonus points in the Membership Program (only exhibitors)