Special Events

The smarter E AWARD: Championing the Energy Game-Changers

Intelligent, innovative, cross-sector – The smarter E Europe is an innovation hub that shines a spotlight on the central issues of the new energy world, with a particular focus on the topics of solar power, storage, energy management and clean mobility. The current cross-sector development of the industry led to the creation of The smarter E AWARD in 2018. This innovation prize is awarded to pioneers who are always thinking a step ahead and are already shaping the energy supply of the future. The smarter E AWARD honors noteworthy achievements and innovations in the categories Outstanding Projects and Smart Renewable Energy. Two other prizes are given for pioneering technologies and promising solutions from the solar and energy storage industries – the Intersolar AWARD, which was introduced over a decade ago and has become an indicator of the innovative strength of the solar industry, and the renowned ees AWARD. The AWARD Ceremony is held at The smarter E Forum on the first day of the exhibition

DateMay 15, 2019 - 5:00pm
PlaceThe smarter E Forum - Hall B3, Booth B3.570
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket

Intersolar AWARD: Powering the future with Innovation!

Prize-worthy projects, innovative solutions and outstanding concepts are at the heart of the Intersolar AWARD and The smarter E AWARD. The Intersolar AWARD is an indicator of the solar industry’s innovative power. For more than 10 years, it has been shining the spotlight on the most notable technical developments and the most forward-looking solar energy companies worldwide. In 2019, the coveted award will once again pay tribute to the most innovative ideas and technologies in the photovoltaics sector and make them visible to a large audience.

DateMay 15, 2019 - 5:00pm
PlaceThe smarter E Forum - Hall B3, Booth B3.570
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket

The ees AWARD – Innovating Energy Storage

The energy storage industry is one of the keys to the success of the energy transition – and its importance continues to grow. This is because batteries and energy storage systems facilitate a flexible power supply from renewable sources. Thanks to digitalization, they make intelligent networks and distribution possible, thereby ensuring that consumers have a reliable energy supply. Since 2014, the ees AWARD has paid tribute to groundbreaking products and solutions for stationary and mobile electrical energy storage systems. The AWARD Ceremony is attended by high-caliber dignitaries and brings together exhibitors, representatives and decision-makers from the international energy storage industry, as well as the trade press representatives from both home and abroad.

DateMay 15, 2019 - 5:00pm
PlaceThe smarter E Forum - Hall B3, Booth B3.570
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket

Prize Ceremony of the Energiewende Awards – Energieversorger 2019

The best energy suppliers of the D-A-CH region will be honored as energy suppliers in the energy transition at the annually held award ceremony “Energiewende Awards – Energieversorger 2019”, which will take place at The smarter E – the leading platform of the new energy world. Framed by specialist lectures on the role and significance of energy suppliers for the energy transition, the five highest rated from 1,700 analyzed energy suppliers in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland, will be awarded in the following five categories: electricity, heat, energy efficiency, mobility and energy transition. All trade fair visitors are cordially invited to attend the award ceremony on May 16, 2019 at 1.45pm at The smarter E Forum. The language of the event will be German.

DateMay 16, 2019 - 1:45pm
PlaceThe smarter E Forum - Hall B3, Booth B3.570
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket

pv Guided Tours: Guided Tours for Professionals

Solar experts from all over the continent meet at The Smarter E in Munich to discover the latest innovations in solar power. photovoltaik the leading B2B medium, pv Europe the English website and The Smarter E Europe offer guided tours to fair visitors, especially system planners, skilled tradesmen, architects and engineers. The guided tours aim to the outstanding innovations for the solar energy transition offered by the exhibiting companies. The number of participants is limited. Participation is free of charge. The pv Guided Tours, which are topic-based, take place every day of The smarter E from May 15-17, 2019 in German and additionally in English on Wednesday and Thursday.  

These tours are planned:

1. Solar power storage for residential use (home storage)
2. Power storage for companies, municipalities, industry and utilities
3. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
4. Electric mobility: Installation and integration of charging systems and electric vehicles
5. Intelligent power electronics for integration of solar power and heat into the building supply system
6. High efficiency modules, cleaning and maintenance of solar generators
7. Mounting systems (flat roof, pitched roof, ground mounted systems)

The groups will be guided by a competent editor. All tour groups will be welcomed at the participating companies’ booths by experienced engineers or product managers who will explain their innovations. Participant questions will be answered in detail. Every guided tour lasts around two hours. The starting point is at the Meeting Point pv Guided Tours in hall B1, booth B1.309, right next to the photovoltaik and pv Europe booth. Participants need to register in advance. The registration includes a free daily ticket for The smarter E Europe. Participants will be provided with headsets.

DateMay 15-17, 2019
PlaceStarting point:  Hall B1, Booth B1.309
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket, registration on

PV in combination with charging stations

At Intersolar Europe, solar technology is not limited to the exhibition halls. Visitors can also take a look at what was once the world’s largest rooftop photovoltaics installation, on the roof of Messe München. The 1 MW high output system has been delivering environmentally friendly electrical energy reliably for 21 years. So far it has contributed 21 million kWh to the exhibition’s power supply.The average grid feed-in (1999–2017) was 1,040 MWh, while the average specific yield is 1,023 kWh/kW.The system has been continually monitored by experts throughout its service life, which has enabled exact data to be provided on its long-term performance. It now also supplies renewable energy to the new electric charging infrastructure of Messe München – this too can be viewed as part of the tours. The Bavarian Association for the Promotion of Solar Energy is offering tours each day during Intersolar Europe. Additional tours may be available by arrangement.

DateMay 15-17, 2019 - 11.00am | 1.00pm | 3.00pm
PlaceStarting point: Hall B3, Booth B3.131
ParticipationRequires exhibition ticket