Smart is king

Intelligent energy systems, smart technologies: residential buildings, local supply grids, and microgrids

At the Smart Renewable Systems Conference, everything revolves around intelligent energy systems – smart homes, smart grids, smart markets. Because the rise in decentralized and renewable sources of energy as well as digitalization is driving a fundamental change in the energy supply structure.

Digital technologies and new business models are transforming the relationship between energy producers and consumers. Energy can be bought from virtual trading centers – people generate their power in part on their own, acting as producers and consumers simultaneously – so-called prosumers.

What will the energy market of the future look like and what opportunities and challenges will it bring? Find out what the experts have to say at the Smart Renewable Systems Conference. In individual sessions, they will present smart technologies and projects including residential buildings, local supply grids, and microgrids that connect mobility, electricity and heat. They will also shed light on the digital possibilities of the Internet of Energy and what smart sites involve. Soon you, too, will be able to show off your newly gained knowledge.

Smart Renewable Systems Conference