Energy suppliers in duty: End customers increasingly value environmental protection

Graphic: what is important to you when choosing your energy supplier?

For end customers, a favourable price for electricity or gas is still crucial for the choice of the energy supplier. However, a recent study by EuPD Research shows that a growing number of customers value environmental protection in particular.

Bonn. Which energy supplier is chosen by the end customer depends on a variety of factors - from prices and local closeness to the provider's environmental and social commitment. A recent study by the Bonn-based market and economic research company EuPD Research reveals that in addition to the price the commitment of energy suppliers in environmental protection influences the decision-making of end customers increasingly.

As part of a recent end customer survey among more than 500 homeowners, the choice of the energy supplier was questioned. The most important selection factors from the end customer's point of view are clearly favorable prices: more than half of the respondents stated that this was very important to them. This result is consistent with the previous year's study. While in the end customer survey in 2018 the second strongest selection criterion was the local closeness of the energy supplier, environmental protection is in second place this year. More than one in four respondents said that this aspect was very important to them when choosing a provider. In contrast, environmental protection only played a very important role for about 18 percent of the respondents in 2018.

"The fact that energy suppliers' commitment to environmental protection is increasingly getting in the focus of end customers reflects a social trend. The urgent need for comprehensive environmental protection measures has arrived among consumers long since the debates about the carbon leakage or diesel scandal." Martin Ammon states, Head of Energy Management at EuPD Research.

The end customer survey is part of the annual analysis of the Energiewende Award, which examines not only the end customer perspective but also the supply portfolios of energy providers. Within this framework, almost 1,800 energy suppliers in the DACH region are examined in detail. The energy suppliers, who demonstrate outstanding commitment in the context of the energy transition, will be honored with the Energiewende Award on 16 May 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich. Initiators of the project are the DCTI Deutsches CleanTech Institute, The smarter E Europe and EuPD Research. Further information about the study and the award can be obtained from Saif Islam (islam(at)