Finalists The smarter E AWARD 2018

Category "Outstanding Projects"

Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy Corporation (Vietnam) I Solar Experience Space
Project Owner
The Solar Experience Space at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam is a zero-energy building used for student education. Practical experience with new products and technological solutions can be gained from the HVAC technology installed there, which includes photovoltaics, solar thermal installations and heat pumps.
BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH (Germany) I Solar plant and battery storage for irrigation on AKTC Farm in Zambia
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth A3.179, A3.180
The solar installation with battery storage system for providing irrigation on the AKTC farm in Zambia uses a water reservoir for additional storage. The PV installation ensures an uninterrupted water supply and water management on the crop fields, and generates energy for the irrigation of 90,000 sqm of arable land.
EM-ONE Energy Solutions Canada Inc. (Canada) I Borno Solar Phase 1: Engineer, Procure and Construction
Intersolar North America 2018, booth 7445
The project “Borno Solar Phase 1” involving three hospitals in a conflict region in northeast Nigeria has created a healthcare infrastructure which secures the medical cold chain using renewable, solar power, with the double advantage of making the hospitals self-sufficient and saving on diesel costs.
FENECON GmbH (Germany) I Phase Symmetric Balancing System by FENECON / REFU
ees Europe 2018, booth B1.409
This project based in Vienna, Austria, primarily aims to utilize energy storage devices to make the existing grid infrastructure as efficient as possible. At 100 kW/120 kW, the energy storage devices offset phase load differences and are used for peak load shutdown.
First Solar GmbH (Germany) I Renewables Essential Reliability Services for a Low Carbon Grid
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth A1.520
The 300 MWp PV installation in California, USA, is integrated in the power grid and replaces grid services such as power grid stabilization, which previously had to rely on conventional power plants.
Fluence (USA) I Escondido & El Cajon Advancion Energy Storage Arrays
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth B2.109, B2.110
With 37.5 MW, the Escondido Energy Storage Array in California, USA, is one of the world’s largest lithium storage systems and increases the share of renewable energy in the grid. It can supply 25,000 customers with power for 4 hours and has a storage capacity of up to 150 MWh.
IBC SOLAR AG (Germany) I CHP and storage unit for sewage plant Hillesheim
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth A3.579, A3.680
In Hillesheim, Germany, a battery system has increased a wastewater treatment plant’s self-sufficiency from 80% to between 92 and 95% by using electrical energy generated from sewer gas combustion. This saves on the purchase of 35,000 kWh of grid-supplied power.
Solaria Corporation (USA) I Getting to Net Zero: A Custom Designed Solar Installation for Cornell Tech
Intersolar North America 2018, booth 7130
The Cornell Tech Campus in New York was designed as a zero-energy building and is supplied with energy from Manhattan’s largest photovoltaic installation to be aesthetically integrated into a new build (855 kW).
Trojan Battery Company (USA) I Tanzania Solar Microgrid Improves Standard of Living & Economy
ees Europe 2018, booth B1.460
A Rafiki Power container system with an energy storage system and a photovoltaic installation has provided a village in Tanzania with power for the first time, raising the standard of living and education for the residents and kick-starting positive economic developments such as, for example, honey production.
Unlimited Energy Australia (Australia) / TESVOLT GmbH (Germany) I Off-grid Avocado farm in Western Australia (Pemberton)
ees Europe 2018, booth B1.550
The free-standing 53 kW photovoltaic installation with a 48 kWh storage system is able to run an avocado farm in Australia on 100% renewable energy. The energy generated from the 300 days of sunshine per year has done away with the reliance on diesel generators.

Category "Smart Renewable Energy"

Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH (Germany) I SENEC.Cloud To Go
ees Europe 2018, booth B1.410
The innovative electricity rate SENEC.Cloud To Go stores unused photovoltaic power in the cloud before it is used to charge electric vehicles. 60,000 charging stations around Europe are supplied through collaboration with a Europe-wide charging station aggregator.
Ferroamp Elektronik AB (Sweden) I PowerShare Technology
EM-Power 2018, booth C2.310
The PowerShare technology is based on a DC nanogrid, which distributes locally generated power from renewable sources amongst users in the same DC grid. In the context of decentralized power generation, DC nanogrids are being met with growing interest as they can significantly reduce the costs of grid expansion.
indielux UG (Germany) I ready2plugin
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth A2.290
ready2plugin is a plug-and-play solar system with a capacity of up to 1,800 Watts, which can be connected to any standard power socket. A software-controlled limit on the operating power at the maximum permissible load guarantees electrical safety in accordance with VDE guidelines.
my-PV GmbH (Austria) I AC•THOR-Power-Manager for domestic hot water and space heating from PV
EM-Power 2018, booth C2.210
The power manager AC*THOR from my-PV utilizes excess energy from photovoltaic installations for heat supply. It increases the self-consumption of solar power through the continuously variable control of the heating element,eliminating the need for a conventional gas or heat pump heating system. In case of insufficient solar radiation, additional electricity can be drawn from the public grid.
Reuniwatt (France) I Sky InSight™
ees Europe 2018, booth C1.138
Sky InSight makes a reliable radiation and cloud course forecast for the 30 minutes ahead. This offers an extremely accurate, on-site prediction of the actual yield of a photovoltaic installation and helps make the operation of diesel-photovoltaic hybrid systems more cost-effective.
SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany) I ennexOS Platform
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth B3.210
With the ennexOS platform, SMA presents a cross-sector IoT platform for energy management. Different energy flows can be controlled using appsbased on standard industry protocols. This ensures that upgrades are possible at any time.
Smappee n.v. (Belgium) I Smappee Plus
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth B2.150
The energy management system Smappee Plus continuously measures the energy consumption of households and their photovoltaic installations. Using SolarCoin based on blockchain technology, a tool is now available that transforms private homes into decentralized connection points which do not only produce and consume their own solar power, but also trade directly with one another.
SolarEdge Technologies (Israel) I EV-Charging Single-Phase Inverter
Intersolar Europe 2018, booth B3.110 & Intersolar North America 2018, booth 8521
SolarEdge presents the first single-phase inverter which is also suitable for charging electric vehicles. An intelligent combination of locally generated electricity from photovoltaics and power supplied by the grid significantly reduces the charging time without overloading the grid.
sonnen GmbH (Germany) I sonnenCharger
ees Europe 2018, booth B1.310
The sonnenCharger combines the private home charging station with a central control unit. This makes it possible to coordinate the charging of different electric vehicles in a low-voltage grid so intelligently that all the electric vehicles can recharge at the same time without causing grid system overload.
Statcon Energiaa Pvt. Ltd. (India) I EES based Solar solution for large cold storages
Exhibitor Intersolar India 2017
The proven energy management system from Statcon Energiaa has undergone further development with the aim of ensuring an uninterrupted solar power supply from larger cold storage systems. Its control method reduces or avoids the use of a diesel generator to supply power, thereby lowering costs.