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Thomas Weisshaupt

 Thomas Weisshaupt
Director & Product Marketing for Smart Metering
Wirepas Germany GmbH

Thomas has 15+ years of experience in developing, initiating and implementing new business models driven by digitalization, mostly in the utility and energy sectors. He currently leads the Smart Energy Markets unit of Wirepas - connectivity enabler for massive IoT deployments. Before that, he was serving Director of Smart Energy and IoT markets for Gemalto focusing on policy advisory. He is active in several member of several EU Smart Grid task force expert groups around market design and Cybersecurity. Thomas passion is to find ways to reduce carbon emissions with deploying decentralization and autonomy in all levels of the value chain - from sensor via assets down to data-driven monetization streams and market design.
Besides being Diplom-Kaufmann, he also has a degree in Logotherapy and existential analysis.