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Sebnem Rusitschka

 Sebnem Rusitschka
Vereinigtes Königreich

Sebnem Rusitschka started her career as a computer scientists specializing in peer-to-peer networks at Siemens in 2006. The application domain was mainly in Energy Management, for existing energy automation products & services: reaching from Meter Data Management for Online Energy Marketplaces, Plug & Play Intelligent Electronic Devices in Substations, Cloud Computing as a model for Smart Grid Data Management, to the combination of Machine Learning & Control Theory for Grid Monitoring, Protection, & Control. Sebnem lead multidisciplinary research & innovation project teams both for Siemens and customers Europe wide.
In 2016 Sebnem founded Freeelio as a free innovation collective to understand the paradigm shift of tokenizing real world assets such as decentralized energy resources. In June 2017 Freeelio became the founding member of German Blockchain Association, in which Sebnem leads the Energy and Token Economy committees.
Sebnem Rusitschka recently joined EnergiMine as CTO to build “The NASDAQ of Digital Energy Assets” together with an international team of experts at EnergiMine in digital assets, energy trading, and AI.