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Peter Hermans

 Peter Hermans

Peter has a strong background in telecommunications: he worked for 23 years in the telecom sector in the Netherlands in several executive IT management positions in the fixed, mobile and internet business.

Peter started in the Utility sector in 2007 where since then he is driving strategy and the initiation of business programs and roadmaps of the Dutch utility sector and DSO Stedin; programs related to the energy transition (market model developments, flexibility, unbundling), telecoms, smart meters & smart grids, and TSO-DSO data-management. He joined Stedin (DSO) in 2010. He is very active in establishing TSO- DSO cooperation on several topics, including the development of a joint TSO DSO flexibility platform for congestion management.

Peter has participated in M490 activities of CENCENELEC/ETSI, is an active member of the EU taskforce smart grids (EG1 + EG3), and the TSO-DSO data-management platform, and a frequent speaker on international conferences. He is a member of the Energyville advisory board.

P.A.M. Hermans holds a MSc degree on Telecommunications and a CMC degree on change management (ICMCI).