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Eric Litowsky

 Eric Litowsky
EMEA Channel Executive IoT
Microsoft Corp IoT WW

After several successful international IT Security startups in EMEA - i.e Trusted Information Systems, Baltimore Technologies, Sybari, SAP GRC - Eric joined Microsoft 11 years ago, starting up the Identity & Access business in Germany. Four years later he joined the IoT Devices Team, formally known as “Embedded.” Eric works with Microsoft’s largest distributors and device manufacturers on the next generation of smart devices based on Windows Embedded (Windows + Server/SQL) solutions in a wide range of industries, from retail, smart home to manufacturing to healthcare. With all the experience in the IT security area as well as hardware/device, Eric specialized in thought and strategic leadership connecting devices with a focus on the n-n cloud solution including business modeling. In this role, Eric is an integral part of the digital transformation of Microsoft partners/customers who use Azure-based cloud solutions and sell newly developed PaaS and SaaS solutions.