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Caroline Tjengdrawira

 Caroline Tjengdrawira
Senior Project Manager Solar Power

Caroline Tjengdrawira is a Senior Project Manager (Solar PV) at Tractebel Engie (Brussels, Belgium). She has been working in the solar PV sector for more than 12 years, carrying various roles including engineering, consulting and project management, as well as reference expert and research on high efficiency PV products. Caroline has overall been involved in >1.5GW PV projects across the globe, acting as an Owner's Engineer, Independent Engineer or Lender's Technical Advisor to clients such as PV Developers, Owners, Power Producers, Lenders etc. As a reference expert in PV technology, she is engaged in various technical working groups in the solar expert communities in Europe. Caroline is presently a contributing expert in the working group on "Guidelines for O&M Procedures in Different Climates/Countries" of the International Energy Agency - Photovoltaic Power Systems Program (IEA-PVPS). Prior to the energy sector, Caroline worked for 12 years in the hi-tech computer hardware sector, as a process engineer in a manufacturing plant in Singapore, and as a Development Engineer and then a New Product Manager in California (USA).